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2 Ways the U.S. Healthcare System is Becoming More Streamlined

Health Insurance Companies Process 1 in 5 Claims Wrong

It is widely known that the healthcare industry of the United States is a world leader in providing state of the art medical diagnostics, treatment and technology. With the most advanced hospitals, academic medical centers, clinics, and laboratories in the world, there can be no doubt
why the United States possesses the most sophisticated and technologically savvy platform for biomedical innovation.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in the healthcare industry will yield 3.2 million new jobs between 2008 and 2018. Additionally, in 2010, the healthcare services industry was responsible for approximately $1.75 trillion in revenues as well as the employment of more than 14 million people (nine percent of the entire workforce in the United States). Or, in layman’s terms, the healthcare industry in the United States is big, alive, and booming.

So, technology and innovation are the main culprits responsible for the monstrous growth of the United States healthcare industry in the past decade. But how exactly is technology and innovation shaping the future of the healthcare industry in the United States?

Read on to discover the two most significant ways innovative technology is creating a more streamlined future for the healthcare industry in the United States.

1. Sheer scale, size, and spread.

In the year 2015 by itself, the world will produce data equal to 120,000 times the total of all previously written words in history. Read that again to fully internalize the significance of that statement. In one year alone, the world will create more data than the total of all previously written words in history. One-hundred twenty-thousand times more. Whoa.

But that’s no surprise, is it? More people are simply more engaged in data production and consumption than ever before. Europeans are reported to have an average of more than one cell phone per person while locals in Dubai carry nearly two of them.

With that much data being produced at such an alarmingly fast rate, super computers like IBM’s Watson (the one that beat the world’s best human Jeopardy contestants in their own game) are able to process all relevant information into conclusions that assist medical billing and coding developers in their pursuit of streamlining the healthcare industry.

2. Popular, interlinked social networks.

Social networking is no longer restricted to finding friends and sharing pet pictures with them.

Facebook is now the most visited website in the United States (by a lot). But Facebook isn’t the only social networking website that is rising in popularity. People and, more specifically, programming developers are creating social networking websites to meet the demands of people. Twitter has risen in ranks so people can share tidbits of information quickly. LinkedIn and Google+ have also become popular for businesses and professionals to network. Those are just a couple.

Thus, consumers are increasingly creating their own content as well as their own platforms to access the knowledge (and hopefully wisdom) shared by others.

For the healthcare industry, social networking is a way to lower business costs, increase inter-patient interaction, increase patient-doctor communication, increase doctor-doctor exchange and ensure that medical billing and coding developers are free to innovate helpful software features instead of create content for already existing digital avenues.

Though the challenges for medical professionals (like pharmacists, medical billing and coding developers, and doctors) to further improve the use of technology in healthcare may be daunting in scale, the potential rewards are sizeable and grand. The ultimate goal for all medical practitioners and medical billing and coding professionals should be to improve the health of their fellow human beings.

If practicing medical professionals continue to utilize the ever-progressing innovations of medical billing and coding programmers and developers, then people across the globe may have the opportunity and tools necessary to live healthier and longer lives than ever before.


Author bio:

Sandra Mills is a freelance contributor that specializes in topics related to the modern healthcare system. Sandra is specifically occupied with writing for students enrolled in medical billing school.

is a 20 year veteran of healthcare having managed medical practices. He advises medical practices, physicians and practice administrators on how to run their practice and manage their medical billing and revenue cycle management. Manny speaks, blogs and makes videos at www.CaptureBilling.com, a blog that is tops in the medical billing and coding field. READ MORE

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