House of Representative PASSED Delay of ICD-10 to 2015

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Why Not Delay ICD-10?We are one third of the way to postponing ICD-10 until 2015

The US House of Representatives passed on Thursday, March 27, 2015, H.R. 4302 Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014, a bill that postpones the implementation of ICD-10 until October 1, 2015.

The bill now goes to the Senate for a vote. This is Step 2. They should vote on Monday March 31st. If it passes in the Senate then it’s on to the White House and President Obama for his signature which then makes it law, Step 3.

Oh and the bill also includes putting off a 24% fee cut that is slated to take effect on April 1. What a horrible April Fools Day Joke that would be if there is a cut. Of course it would not be a joke.

There are a few other items in the bill but these 2 things, postponing ICD-10 implementation and the large Medicare cut, are the ones that have the most profound impact on our medical practices.

Here is a list of the sections of H.R. 4302. If you find a section that pertains to your healthcare providers or facility you may want to check out the details in the bill:

H.R. 4302 Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014TITLE I–MEDICARE EXTENDERS

Sec. 101. Physician payment update.

Sec. 102. Extension of work GPCI floor.

Sec. 103. Extension of therapy cap exceptions process.

Sec. 104. Extension of ambulance add-ons.

Sec. 105. Extension of increased inpatient hospital payment adjustment for certain low-volume hospitals.

Sec. 106. Extension of the Medicare-dependent hospital (MDH) program.

Sec. 107. Extension for specialized Medicare Advantage plans for special needs individuals.

Sec. 108. Extension of Medicare reasonable cost contracts.

Sec. 109. Extension of funding for quality measure endorsement, input, and selection.

Sec. 110. Extension of funding outreach and assistance for low-income programs.

Sec. 111. Extension of two-midnight rule.

Sec. 112. Technical changes to Medicare LTCH amendments.


 Sec. 201. Extension of the qualifying individual (QI) program.

Sec. 202. Temporary extension of transitional medical assistance (TMA).

Sec. 203. Extension of Medicaid and CHIP express lane option.

Sec. 204. Extension of special diabetes program for type I diabetes and for Indians.

Sec. 205. Extension of abstinence education.

Sec. 206. Extension of personal responsibility education program (PREP).

Sec. 207. Extension of funding for family-to-family health information centers.

Sec. 208. Extension of health workforce demonstration project for low-income individuals.

Sec. 209. Extension of maternal, infant, and early childhood home visiting programs.

Sec. 210. Pediatric quality measures.

Sec. 211. Delay of effective date for Medicaid amendments relating to beneficiary liability settlements.

Sec. 212. Delay in transition from ICD-9 TO ICD-10 code sets.

Sec. 213. Elimination of limitation on deductibles for employer-sponsored health plans.

Sec. 214. GAO report on the Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Program.

Sec. 215. Skilled nursing facility value-based purchasing.

Sec. 216. Improving Medicare policies for clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.

Sec. 217. Revisions under the Medicare ESRD prospective payment system.

Sec. 218. Quality incentives for computed tomography diagnostic imaging and promoting evidence-based care.

Sec. 219. Using funding from Transitional Fund for Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Reform.

Sec. 220. Ensuring accurate valuation of services under the physician fee schedule.

Sec. 221. Medicaid DSH.

Sec. 222. Realignment of the Medicare sequester for fiscal year 2024.

Sec. 223. Demonstration programs to improve community mental health services.

Sec. 224. Assisted outpatient treatment grant program for individuals with serious mental illness.

Sec. 225. Exclusion from PAYGO scorecards.


Does any thing included in this list affect your practice? Let me know in the comment section below.

I will keep you posted.

2 Responses to “House of Representative PASSED Delay of ICD-10 to 2015”

  1. Medicare cut free standing outpatient MRI reimbursements by 40% which impacts many other payers. Will there be any adjustment to this action if the physician payments are not being cut?

    • Marc the 24% cut to Medicare is an average. Some cuts will be more while others will be less. I believe if this bill passed you should not see the full 40% cut. That said don’t quote me.


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