Meaningful Use Requirements Final Rule is a Massive 864 Pages

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Meaningful Use Requirements Final Rule is Out

Senate Passes FreezeThe final rule for meaningful use was just realeased by the Department of Human Services HHS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS. It is a masive 864 page document that includes both a core set and menu set of objectives that are specific to eligible professionals and hospitals.  There are still a total of 25 meaningful use objectives but now for Eligible Providers you need to only complete 20 objectives to qualify for the incentive payment.  The 20 objectives are made up of 15 core objectives that are required and 5 objectives that are taken from a menu of 10 objectives.

For hospitals there are 24 meaningful use objectives.  Here again you have 14 required objectives and 5 to chose from a menu of 10.

It ‘s no longer all or nothing in meeting all 25 or 24 requirements to receive the government’s finiancial incentives for implementing  certified electronic health records and deminstrating meaningful use. There are also other changes in the meaningful use final ruling.

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