Michelle Ivanchukov Elected as American Academy of Professional Coders Local Chapter President for 2012

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Michelle Ivanchukov from Capture Billing has been elected the 2012 President for the Leesburg, Virginia Chapter of American Academy of Professional Coders

Loudoun County, VA – Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc., a nationwide medical billing company located in South Riding, Virginia, announces Michelle Ivanchukov as the 2012 President for the Leesburg, Virginia Chapter of American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

The AAPC provides continuing education and various certifications to coders and medical billers. Over 100,000 of the AAPC’s members have access to training, networking and job opportunities in the medical coding field and can attend local chapter meetings. The varied certifications available, including Certified Professional Coder (CPC), can be achieved through testing at any local chapter of the AAPC.AAPC 2012 President

“Becoming president of my local chapter of the AAPC has energized me to share my understanding and experiences in medical billing and coding with other chapter members. It also allows me to expand my knowledge base in a variety of medical specialty backgrounds”, say Michelle.

According to the AAPC, as president, some of Michelle’s primary responsibilities are to ensure certification examinations are administered correctly, communicate with other chapter officers and ensure the overall well-being of the chapter.

Michelle has been working for Capture Billing over the past six years and has been a member of the AAPC for 3 years. She will be replacing Jackie Ly in 2012 as President of the Leesburg, Virginia Chapter of the AAPC. Her membership with AAPC has enabled her to stay current on coding and medical billing standards.

A majority of Capture Billing employees and most members of the AAPC have earned Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by attending monthly chapter meetings, or through workshops, webinars and national/regional events and conferences. To learn more about the AAPC and earning CEUs contact your local chapter visit www.aapc.com.

To learn more about the medical billing services Capture Billing offers please visit: www.capturebilling.com.


Capture Billing and Consulting, Inc., a leader in the outsourced medical billing service industry, offers one of the most cost effective outsourcing solutions to healthcare professionals available. By eliminating the need of an in-house medical billing staff, Capture Billing’s staff of expert medical billers and certified professional coders help to increase physician reimbursement by improving collection rates and ensuring proper ICD-9 and CPT coding, and soon will offer ICD-10 training. Practicing physician and CEO, Dr. John D. Farrell, Jr., formed Capture Billing in 2004 as the answer to one of the largest concerns physicians face today, how to receive proper insurance reimbursement for services they provide.

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