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Update: May 2011

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Great things are happening at Capture Billing. We are increasing our staff by almost 15% percent just this quarter to cover our work load. It seems that more and more doctors are getting frustrated with their medical billing and with all the changes in rules and regulations that Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies require. They can no longer do it alone. We are getting multiple calls daily with medial practices wanting to outsource their medical billing to experienced billers and coders that can keep up with all the red tape and get them the money they are due without the hassle of their own in-house billing.

We are also getting requests for help with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). We are finding that physicians want to implement an EHR but lack the staff or experience to accomplish that smoothly. Capture will be starting a program where not only will we be handling a practice’s medical billing but also help them with their EHR. Long after the EHR vendor is gone we will still be here performing our billing duties and be able to help the physicians with their EHR and meet meaningful use.

Manny OliverezBest wishes,

Manny Oliverez
CPC Director of Operations


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Free Medical Billing Sample Reports

Download of copy of Capture Billing’s Sample Monthy Reports Package to see the reports you need to run your business.

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Vaccine Administration Component Codes

Here is an article from the American Academy of Family Physicians. It discusses the changes in vaccine administration codes for 2011. These sets of codes allow you to code for each component of a commination vaccine such as an MMR. Read more.


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Fight Flu: It’s National Influenza Vaccination Week! #NIVW2016

We sharing valuable information for clients and friends through the Capture Billing blog! This week, we are even MORE excited to join partners across the country for the #NIVW2016 Blog-A-Thon and social media blitz in support of National Influenza Vaccination Week.

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