Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist 

3. Check Claim Status & 4. Identify the Claims Denial Reason


Great! You have made it to Video 2 which mean you are serious about getting a handle on your old insurance A/R.

In this video we will talk about steps 3 and 4 of the Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist.

These steps include checking on claim status with the insurance companies and identifying the reason the claims were denied.  Knowing the denial reason will point you in the right direction to what you need to do to get those old claims paid.

Continue to follow these steps and 

Whats Next?

Tomorrow you will get another email with Video 3 the Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist

In that video I will go over the final steps of the check list, refile or appeal claims and continuing your follow-up until the claim is paid.

Need another copy of the Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist? CLICK HERE