Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist 

5. Refile or Appeal Claim & 6. Continue Follow-up Until Paid


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Need another copy of the Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist? This checklist outlines the steps needed to quickly and properly follow up on your old insurance accounts receivable. Using our powerful system will have you bringing in more revenue on no time.



Today I have Video 3 where I will go over claim appeals and follow-up, Steps 5 and 6 of the Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist.

Pay close attention to Step 6. It is the most important step of all. Skip this step and you will be leaving your money in the hands of the insurance companies instead of having it in your bank.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Now that we have walked through the Rapid Revenue Recovery Checklist you have all the tools you need to collect on your old insurance A/R.

As you can see the process is simple but not easy. It takes lots of time and good attention to detail. It may even seem overwhelming but you will need to stick with it to get results.

If you need help with your medical billing to get it under control because you don’t have the time or staff, you can always hire my team to take care if it all for you.

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