Capture Billing’s Rapid Revenue Recovery System

This is our proprietary 9 step system for getting your claims PAID.

  1. Collecting Demographic Information
  2. Charge Entry
  3. Provider Feedback
  4. Submitting Claims & Follow-up
  5. EOB Posting & Follow-up
  6. A/R Follow-up
  7. Patient Statements
  8. Patient Collections
  9. Reporting
 1459908844_Pediatrics  1459909140_Online_Medical_Services 1459910220_Doctor
Patient Information Charge Entry Provider Feedback
 1439621606_Bank 1439619891_Insurance_Policy 1439621619_Retirement_Planning
Submitting Claims EOB Posting A/R Follow-Up


1439621719_Telephone 1439622776_Credit_Score
Patient Statements Patient Collections Reports

Fight Flu: It’s National Influenza Vaccination Week! #NIVW2016

We sharing valuable information for clients and friends through the Capture Billing blog! This week, we are even MORE excited to join partners across the country for the #NIVW2016 Blog-A-Thon and social media blitz in support of National Influenza Vaccination Week.

32 Mobile Healthcare Stats

Are Your Patients Ready For Mobile Health? My friend Teresa Iafolla over at eVisit recently wrote a post listing 32 fascinating mobile health statistics. Teresa and her team did a quick survey of the top reports about mobile health. Together they complied a list 32 must-know stats that doctors and practice administrators need to be aware of about mobile health.

How to Get Reimbursed for Telemedicine Services

Although telemedicine services were once considered a passing trend, the demand is now growing exponentially. Medical practices are starting to begin to implement telemedicine for their patients. Here are 5 tips to ensure you maximize telemedicine billing in your practice.