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Infographic: How Baby Boomers Will Impact the Nursing Shortage

To meet the rising demand for healthcare services from this population, the Bureau of Labor estimates that than a million nurses will be needed within the next few years. While the nursing shortage certainly isn’t a new problem, it’s quickly shaping into one of the biggest obstacles for medical practices in the 21st century.

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Nurse Blogs Online for Nurses Offline

Nursing is Rough so Take a Break and Read a Nurse Blog Life as a nurse could provide the most rewarding moments. But with hectic, sometimes unpredictable, 24-hour shifts, it is also considered one of the most demanding medical professions today. With this in mind my friends at  Soliant Health have put together an infographic to serve as a resource of sorts for nurses everywhere. They’ve highlighted those in the nurse blogosphere who offered the most helpful information, up-to-date news and entertaining Continue Reading

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