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Why Content Marketing Matters to Medical Practices

Marketing professionals are always talking about how effective content marketing is, but does content marketing matter to medical practices? The answer is YES. In this post you will find out what content marketing is and how you can use it to fill empty appointment slots at your clinic.

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How to Monitor and Promote Online Feedback for Your Medical Practice

While there’s many ways to control your medical practice’s on presence, affecting what patients say about your medical practice on review sites can seem like a different story. And since nearly four out of ten patients view physician rating sites as very important when choosing a doctor, this isn’t something medical practices can afford to take lightly.

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4 Low-Cost Ways to Boost Patient Acquisition

Boosting Patient Acquisition Driving patient acquisition is an ongoing requirement for every successful medical practice. Patient attrition and general churn are a fact of life for any service, and health care is no exception. If you’re a young practice and still building a patient base everyone you lose is significant, even if it’s for simple reasons such as the family moving away from the area. In addition, competition from other local practices coupled with marketing budget constraints can leave you Continue Reading

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