What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Health Insurance Companies Process 1 in 5 Claims Wrong

Everything You Need to Know about Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is our specialty here at Capture. Our friends at Trade-schools.net, created a simple and easy to understand infographic that explains the question “What is Medical Billing and Coding?” Medical billing is one of the fastest growing careers in healthcare increasing at an estimated rate of 20% a year. With all the changes happening in healthcare, having a dedicated medical biller or billing company on your side is vital.

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

5 Responses to “What is Medical Billing and Coding?”

  1. Medical billing is really a central pillar of any health care practice. It can help alleviate that burden, but it might end up being more expensive. In emergency conditions, insurance will still cover. The insurance company has a formula to calculating payment. Insurance is good for doctor and patient.

  2. Hello Manny,

    I am curious what you think about jobs in the medical billing and coding fields being moved overseas to places like India or China? More and more firms are out-sourcing these jobs. I know that the field is currently growing but what will happen to new graduates and certificate holders who simply can’t find jobs due to this out sourcing?


    • Hello Jay —

      There are plenty of billing and coding jobs out there now and will be in the future. The problem with new graduates and certificate holders who can’t find a job is not because of outsourcing, it is due to the lack of experience.

      I am part of many billing groups and forums and the biggest complaint I hear from new grads is that they can’t get hired becasue even though they have paid for training they have no experience. Employers want experienced people.

      As a former practice administrator and current billing company management I can tell you that I do look for experience in billers and coders.

      It’s a catch 22 situation you need experience to get hired but you can’t get hired without experience.

      We teach billing classes and we always tell our students to get any job at a medical office to get their foot in the door. From there make it known they would like to do billing. Hang around the billing department and help when you can. When a low level opening opens up in billing be available and take it regardless of what it is or pay. You are now in billing. Stay there for at least a year. Now you have experience to put on your resume and are ready to find a good billing job.

      Of course a practice may be willing to hire someone with experience, which would be great, but those are hard to find.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    I would be interesting in learning more about working from home doing medical billing/coding.

    • Hi Lisa —

      At our medical billing company no one works from home so I can’t tell you much about it. We want to be very careful when it comes to HIPAA. I am sure there are plenty firms out there that allow work from home. If you are not in healthcare now I would suggest trying to get a job in a medical office to get the experience as it can be hard to break into the field without expereince. Medical billing and coding takes several years worth of experience to become proficient. Best wishes. –Manny


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