Health Insurance Companies Process 1 in 5 Claims Wrong.

Patient Billing


Due to high insurance premiums, employers nowadays are providing health insurance policies to their employees with higher deductibles, more co-insurance, larger co-pays and many services that are just plain not covered. This leaves more patients with balances that need to be paid to your practice. Capture’s services include billing patients for these Patient Statement - Medical Billbalances.

We generate easy to understand patient statements weekly on a 30-day cycle. This creates a continuous flow of revenue. Patients send payment directly to your practice. We do not touch your money.  Our direct phone number appears on the statement so that patients will call Capture Billing directly with all of their billing questions and concerns – no more time-consuming phone calls for your practice.  We provide your patients with the best possible customer service to answer their questions, interpret their EOBs, and work with their insurance companies to get their claims resolved.

Capture Billing is not a collection agency but we make every effort to collect your money.  We try to help your patients pay their bills. We will send out three patient statements, a demand letter and follow up with phone calls. Based on your criteria, we will work with patients to set up payment plans if needed and monitor these payments. If the patient balance remains outstanding after these efforts, we recommend that the account be turned over to a collection agency or an attorney for collections upon your approval.


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Client Testimonials

Bob Laird

I would recommend Capture Billing to anyone who needs a billing company they can trust.

Bob Laird

Steve Rex
Family Practice

In a six-month period Capture Billing increased our Practice’s income by over $100,000.


Julie Reed-Humeniuk
Family Practice

Capture Billing goes over and beyond the call of duty for clients to maximize reimbursement.

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