We take care of the billing. You take care of the patients.

Trying to solve your medical billing issues?

STOP. We’ll do it for you.

You’ve been trained as a doctor, not a medical biller. But we have and coding too.

We’ve been helping doctors for over 17 years. If you have a billing problem, already solved it.

You have better things to do than being frustrated about unreimbursed claims and slow patient payments. You should be focusing on your patients instead.

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More Money Faster

Your clean claims will fly through faster to get money quickly.

Phone to call for medical billing.

Insurance Follow Up

We specialize in taking the time to follow up on unpaid claims.

Thumbs up for less stress.

Less Stress

We deal with insurance companies and make sure you get paid.

Easy to read month medical billing reports

Monthly Reports

See where you stand financially with easy-to-read monthly reports.

In a 6 month period Capture Billing increased our Family Practice's revenue by over $100,000 - Quote

 98% of claims get paid first time through!

I’m a Manager

Searching for a good medical billing company for my providers that will work well with me and the staff.
I need a Medical Billing Company I can Trust.

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I’m a Doctor

I need to do something about my billing so I can get my Accounts Receivable under control.
I need help to get paid for the work I do.

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Top Reasons Medical Practices Call Capture Billing

Cash Flow Problems
Problems Meeting Payroll
Problems Paying Bills
Doctors Working Hard but Not Making More Income
High Insurance and Patient Receivables
In-house Billers Unavailable
In-house Billers Behind
Billing Staff not Properly Trained
Poor Communication with Current Billing Company
Not Receiving Necessary Reports
No Follow Up on Claims

Want your cash flow to increase day after day?

You have enough to worry about. Let us help you collect your money!
Working with us is simple and easy:

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for more info

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sign a Service Agreement

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Tell us when to start
working your claims

Client Testimonials

Bob Laird

I would recommend Capture Billing to anyone who needs a billing company they can trust.

Bob Laird

Steve Rex
Family Practice

In a six-month period Capture Billing increased our Practice’s income by over $100,000.


Julie Reed-Humeniuk
Family Practice

Capture Billing goes over and beyond the call of duty for clients to maximize reimbursement.


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