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ICD-10 is Coming. Will Your Medical Billing Department Be Ready?

Number of Diganosis Codes to Skyrocket from 14,000 to over 69,000 under ICD-10 The new ICD-10 diagnosis codes take effect on October 1, 2015, and all healthcare providers are required to comply with the new regulations or they may have trouble with insurance reimbursement. These changes in the medical billing practices are significant enough to have caused marked slowdowns in billing and payment in other countries. So what can a healthcare provider expect when their office phases out ICD-9 and Continue Reading

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How Is Your Medical Billing Department Doing?

How Is Your In-House Medical Billing Department Doing? Do you know how your medical billing department is doing? Most physicians would say “ay.” But how can you be sure? The only way is to receive insurance aging reports on a monthly basis from your billing department.  These reports will show you how long it’s taking for your claims to be paid—30, 60, 90, 120, or days. But are the reports you are getting accurate? Are you even getting reports? Continue Reading

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