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Medicare Eliminates Consultation Codes for Doctors

Now that Physicians cannot bill Medicare for consultations how will they get paid for patient care? Capture’s medical billing video explains how in easy to understand terms. Washington, DC (Vocus) – December 15, 2009 On January 1, 2010 Medicare will eliminate consultation codes. These codes are what healthcare providers submit to Medicare for reimbursement when a patient is seen for a medical consultation, whether in a provider’s office or hospital setting. Healthcare providers, coders and medical billers will have to Continue Reading

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Medicare Eliminates Consultation Codes

Medical Billing Video Helps explain the New Way to Code Consultations Specialty physicians code lots of consultations  but as of January 1, 2010 Medicare is eliminating all inpatient and outpatient consultation codes. This will make medical billing for consults complicated. So how are physicians suppose to bill for their services and get paid?  Lets take a lo at how by playing the video.      

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