Health Insurance Companies Process 1 in 5 Claims Wrong.

AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services

Doctors love our medical billing servicesEASIER. FASTER. MORE.

We have partnered with AdvancedMD to provide medical billing services.

We believe our expert billing services combined with AdvancedMD creates a better solution that helps you collect more.

When you partner with AdvancedMD and Capture Billing you get a team of experienced professionals handling your revenue cycle management. No more slowdowns when your key billing staff goes on vacation or gets sick. You can trust your revenue cycle management to us, because we have seen most every problem that can hamper a practice’s financial health and have experience correcting problems and processes quickly.

We have the experts, the automation tools and the experience necessary to successfully manage electronic claim and remittance processing, even with the ever-changing rules and regulations.

Full service RCM
Our competitive monthly fee includes a full range of revenue cycle management services. You gain a team that takes care of claims review, claims scrubbing, claim submission and tracking, carrier follow-up, denials and appeals, refilling, insurance payment posting, patient statements, patient payment plans, patient calls, patient and payment postings.

“How much does it cost to handle our medical billing?”

That’s the question we hear most often from medical practices. And it’s a valid question that deserves attention.

Are you looking for the lowest fees for medical billing?

If you’ve talked to other billing companies, you know that fees can vary widely. Some charge as low as 3% of collections for their medical billing services.

How can they charge that low?

Typically its becasue they hire unqualified staff and don’t follow up on claims. Claim follow up requires staff time and is costly. Cutting corners saves them money but costs you more in uncollected claims.

Then what’s the real cost? 

Once you factor in the money they don’t collect, your “REAL” fee can be upwards of 15-20%.

If you still prefer a company with the absolute lowest fees, we’re probably not the right company for you.

But if you are seeking maximum reimbursement on claims for the hard work you have done, we can help.

So what could your practice do with and extra $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000 more per year? There is still plenty of money to be made in healthcare – let us find your share. Your bottom line depends on it.

Our Pricing

At Capture Billing, our pricing is customized to your needs. It’s based on several variables, including your specialty, number of providers, and average claims per month.

Clearinghouse Fee

ZERO. Clearinghouse fees can range from $30 to $99 for each provider per month. Clearinghouses may charge you additional fees for eligibility and to receive Electronic Remittance Advice (Insurance payment info). On top of that there may be implementation fees up to $1,000.

Capture pays all clearinghouse fees so you don’t have to.

Patient Statements Fee

ZERO. Some billing services charge extra to send a patient a statement. The fees can range between .61 to .71 cents or more for each statement. With more statements being mailed out due to higher patient deductible and co-insurance, this can add up to hundreds of dollars per month.

We don’t charge anything extra to send out your patient statements.

Medical Billing Service Fee

Our average billing fee ranges from 7.9% to 10.9%, and a portion of our clients do incur a one-time start-up fee of $1,297. We also have a monthly minimum fee of $999.

But that’s it! There are no other fees for our comprehensive revenue cycle management.

No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t use restrictive, long-term contracts either.

Why? Because we believe in earning your continued business – every day, every month, for years to come.

Our initial contract is just 3 short months, providing enough time to demonstrate how simple and profitable our outsourced billing solutions can be for your medical practice. After that, you can switch to our convenient month-to-month billing plan, with the option to cancel your agreement at any time with only 30 days notice.

No more being stuck in long-term contracts that just aren’t working for you.

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Client Testimonials

Bob Laird

I would recommend Capture Billing to anyone who needs a billing company they can trust.

Bob Laird

Steve Rex
Family Practice

In a six-month period Capture Billing increased our Practice’s income by over $100,000.


Julie Reed-Humeniuk
Family Practice

Capture Billing goes over and beyond the call of duty for clients to maximize reimbursement.

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