Award Given for Outstanding Medical Billing Instructor

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Chancellors Award for Outstanding Medical Billing Training

Medical Billing Coding Training Classes
Capture Billing Employee teaches Medical Terminology

Capture Billing is proud to announce Katie Jennings, one of experienced trainer, coder and medical biller, as the recipient of the “Chancellors Award for Outstanding Trainer/Instructor at the Virginia Community Colleges for Continuing Education and Work Force Development”.

Katie has been teaching medical billing and medical terminology classes at the Northern Virginia Community College for over seven years and has worked here at Capture Billing for three years. Her comprehensive knowledge of medical billing and her ability to understand the complex nature of the medical billing process has played a huge role in her success as an employee and teacher. We are proud to have Katie as part of our team.

Working in the medical billing industry and keeping up to date with the rules and regulations has allowed Katie to stay current in this constantly changing healthcare industry. She feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to educate and empart her knowledge to other individuals and assist them with their quests to become medical billers and certified coding professionals.

Some of the criteria instructors must have to be nominated for the Chancellors Award are:

  • Nominee should have outstanding character and has provided their time and talent to help serve the community
  • Nominee receives outstanding course evaluations
  • Nominee assist the college in program and workforce development

Capture understands the importance of continuing education in and out of the workplace and encourages their employees to seek a variety of certifications in the medical billing field.
As an RN (registered nurse) in the state of Virginia, Katie is one of several talented and certified professionals working for Capture. To learn more about the medical billing services Capture Billing offers please visit

2 Responses to “Award Given for Outstanding Medical Billing Instructor”

  1. This is fantastic! Not surprising but fantastic that such a wonderful teacher was recognized for her great work. Manny and Michelle are also great teachers. I took a few classes from Katie a couple of years ago and got a giggle when introducing myself to the class referred to myself as a retail reject. I had taken some time off from my studies after her classes to help take care of my nephew. Once again in retail I found my way back and tested, passing on the second try and just recently proving proficiency in ICD 10. I was searching for a way to let Katie know another one of her grateful students is excited to join the field.



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