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Medical Billing Software: Capture Billing and Advanced Data Systems

Video | Medical Billing Software by Advanced Data Systems

Capture Billing, a medical billing company, comments on how Advanced Data Systems and its practice management software, Medics Elite, helped them grow from a one doctor medical practice to the successful medical billing company they are today.


Medical Billing Video Transcript

Hi, I’m John Farrell and I’m the management partner of Farrell Pediatrics, we are a 12 doctor pediatric group located in Northern Virginia located just outside of Washington D.C. and we’ve grown into a successful practice from what started out as a solo practice thanks to the good people at ADS.

I took the practice over from my father and at that time it was pretty much managed by paper, everything was done on schedule and we were looking for a management system and after much research and debate we settled on ADS and the people at Medics Elite. And through their hard work and amazing their software we have been able to grown into the practice that we are today.

(Manny Oliverez, CPC , Director of Operations at Capture Billing & Consulting) I have used many practice management systems in the course of my career but none come close to the power and flexibility of Medics Elite, but let’s hear what the real users of Medics Elite like about the system. (Charlene) When you’re thinking about work your thinking, oh gosh I’ve got to go to work today, working with ADS though it’s a joy.

(Cathy Naja, Practice Administrator at Farrell Pediatrics) ADS has a system that’s very easy to train the staff on it’s very user friendly. Staff have very little fear about using it.

(Kim) I like doing charge entry in Elite because with the hundred charges I do every day it makes it so easy for me. (Nurse) Medics Elite makes it easy for me to tell when patients arrive.

(Mo) Medics Elite allows you to easily scan easy to scan.

(Dr. Ben) I like the reports in Medics Elite; helps me keep an eye on the bottom line.

(Dr. Shannon) I like the way Medics Elite has helped me organize my practice on a daily basis.

(Medical Receptionist) I love Medics Elite because I can set it up the way I like. (Receptionist) I like the appointment scheduler because I can color code different appointments.

(Katie-Medical Biller and Trainer) ADS customer service rocks!

(Manny) And today we have over fifty users using Medics Elite from ADS. As a matter of fact we’ve done so well using ADS and Medics Elite we now do medical billing for other practices.

(Michelle-Medical Biller and Coder, CPC CCS) Medics Elite is a comprehensive, but very easy to use system. When I do my follow up it allows me to add extensive notes so I know exactly how to get my claims paid.

(Jane-Medical Biller) I like ADS because of the ease of which you can transfer one task or function to another.

(Manny) From our humble beginnings to our current success, ADS has been there every step of the way. So if you’re looking to update your practice management system, increase your revenue, grow your practice, and help your people become more productive, I highly recommend Medics Elite from Advance Data Systems. If you all are ever in the Northern Virginia area, feel free to stop by, and I’ll show you the system in action. Thanks.

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    Medical billing seems like a tricky thing to do. Thanks for pointing out that it would be smart to consider doing some research on how to have a good management system. Personally, I would want to find someone who is good a communication and has good software to make the process go smoother.

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