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As a Doctor I need to do something about my billing because I am having cash flow problems and I can’t seam to find the right people to help me. What am I to do? I need some help!

Does that statement describe you and your medical practice?

Is all that causing you stress? Wish you wouldn’t have to worry about your claims getting paid?

Well there is a solution and we can help.

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Selecting a Billing Company DownloadNot sure if outsourcing your billing is right for you? Download our report “When & how to select a billing service”.

Our report covers:

   bullet-lightning-icon Why more practices are using billing services
   bullet-lightning-icon One of the most challenging revenue management
   bullet-lightning-icon Questions to ask yourself if it time to outsource

We do far more than just process claims. We follow up with insurance companies, appealing denials, working rejections, no-pays and slow-pays.

Plus, manage patient payment plans, handle monthly statement, patient calls and provide solid insight into your practice’s financial health with our custom monthly reports.

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Telemedicine Billing Tips

Billing for telemedicine can be tricky, to say the least. As a relatively new care method the guiines for billing telemedicine are still forming. Here are the top things you should know when billing telemedicine.

The HITECH Act: Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use Video

VIDEO – This short educational animated video made by Capture Billing highlights the key features of the HITECH Act, Meaningful Use, and Stimulus Money for EHRs and what it means for you and your practice.

5 Tips for Using an EMR to Increase Profitability

Electronic Medical Records add to Your Bottom The guest post you are about to read is from my buddy Derek Singleton. Derek blogs over at Software Advice which helps people find the right software to meet their needs.  He writes a lot  about Electronic Medical Records and how doctors can benefit from their use.  Today Derek will be giving us 5 tips for using an EMR to increase your practices profitability. Let me know what you think by leaving a Continue Reading