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VIDEO: How To Bill Flu Shots under ICD-10

What ICD-10 diagnosis code should be used when billing a flu shot?

Check out this short video NueMD and I made together explaining the ICD-10 code to use when billing the influenza vaccine. Plus you will learn that the ICD-10 code can be used with all other vaccines.

So as you can see the diagnosis code of Z23 can be used with other vaccines too, not just flu shots.

Need an ICD-10 code lookup tool for other ICD-10 codes? Check out NueMD’s Code Lookup Tool.

Leave me a comment below on suggestions for other ICD-10 videos you would like to see.



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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: How To Bill Flu Shots under ICD-10”

  1. blank

    Hi, I have a question. We have a married couple that they came to see the doctor, as always we ask if they have medical insurances, they said no, we do not have insurances so we charged them as a self pay price.
    After more than 3 months, we received a letter from their insurance saying that they submit the claim by themselves and they want to be reimbursed.
    My question is: do I have responsibilities with this claim and I have to pay them back including a lab that was done and I charged the same amount that I paid to the lab in this case COVID 19 test. Even they were asked if they want to be bill by the lab no by us and they said no we pay you here.

  2. blank

    Could you please settle a discussion for me? If we give a flu shot to a Medicare patient and it is denied for frequency – the patient already rec’d shot for the season – and we DO NOT have a signed ABN on file, can we bill the patient? I have recently started with a company that has, in the past, billed patient since remit shows PR151 to patient responsibility. It was my understanding that without a signed ABN, we cannot bill. Any input would be appreciated. BTW, I love your blogs. Always my go to for info and I have even referred physicians I know your way!

  3. blank

    The CDC has recommended a second series of flu vaccinations for older high risk patients. What ICD 10 should be used for these second vaccinations in the same season? Z23 does not work, we have already tried it.

  4. blank

    Is it possible to get Power point print outs of the Videos. I would like to put together binders for our Nurses & other staff.

    Thank you in advance for anything you may have and taken time to read this.

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