How to Save on Medical Waste Disposal

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Biohazardous WasteMy friend Joe sent me this infographic on how to save on medical waste disposal.  Since I deal with so many medical practices he thought it may be of interest to me (and my readers!) so I am sharing it with you today.

As the cost of medical waste disposal is already skyrocketing based on population growth plus an increase of aging patients receiving more and more medical treatments, many practices and other healthcare facilities are looking for ways to cut costs.

With all the overhead you already have in your medical practice, being able to save on every little thing counts and knowing where and how to cut costs is a huge business advantage.

There are several factors that account for the actual cost of disposing medical waste, including location, volume and frequency.  Knowing that these variables exist will help you figure out how to negotiate with medical waste disposal companies for a fair price.

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How to Save on Medical Waste Disposal – An infographic by the team at MedPro Waste Disposal

6 Responses to “How to Save on Medical Waste Disposal”

  1. Well hiring waste management company in USA would be the right choice for you as they provide waste disposal services which are more needed in medical industry although there are various waste remediation services too which you need to know before hiring waste management company.

  2. Riley, that tip is so important! Needles are such a risk factor and need to be handled appropriately. Glad you will be using the proper storage methods.

  3. This is cool and helpful information. I’m glad that you just shared this useful info with us. My opinion, reduction of Hazardous waste generated by hospitals should be done by appropriate and safe handling and disposal of medical waste.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jessica. We agree that it is so important to safely handle hazardous medical waste. Glad we could provide helpful info for you.

  4. It’s interesting that you talked about putting all needles in a container that can’t be punctured. I am going to start giving myself a shot every day. I’ll have to be sure to keep my needles stored and disposed of safely. That way, I won’t be risking anyone else’s health.

  5. The proper biohazard disposal and management of biomedical wastes is of paramount importance. In order to combat the hazards of improper disposal of hospital waste certain guidelines have been recommended.


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