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Medical Billing Education Outreach Program is Established by Capture Billing

Capture Billing establishes a medical billing education outreach division to help train medical billers and certified professional coders entering into the healthcare field.

Loudoun County, VA – Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc., a medical billing company located in South Riding, Virginia, establishes its new education division. The new division will be managed by Michelle Ivanchukov, CPC, CSS-P (Certified Professional Coding), and Katie Jennings, RN(Registered Nurse).

New Educational Outreach Program Manged by two Experienced Capture Billing EmployeesMichelle and Katie work as a team and have over 30 years of combined experience in the medical billing and medical coding field. Their knowledge and expertise will be essential in developing and designing the new “Medical Billing Education Division”. The team currently teaches a medical billing and coding class several times a year at the local community college.

Nowadays, with a focus on healthcare, many new jobs will be created in the medical billing field. Hospitals and doctors will need trained medical billers and CPCs to help them get their insurance claims processed and paid. The immense amount of government regulations and the constantly changing insurance rules have been a challenge for healthcare professionals. By providing education to current and new medical billers, physicians and medical practices will be confident that their insurance claims are being processed correctly.

“Working as a medical biller has given me insight into the most common errors and the most challenging aspects of medical billing”, say Katie. “It is a fun aspect of my job to fight with insurance companies about incorrect denials”.

“My current involvement with Practice Management Association (PMA) has allowed me to network with other medical billers, medical office managers, and doctors. This key interaction will give me a chance to customize our program to address many key elements from all perspectives”, says Michelle.

Some of the topics covered in the “Education Outreach” program are medical billing, CPT and ICD-9 coding, and practice management software. A majority of the students that will be attending these classes will be comprised of people entering the workforce, changing careers or updating their skills.

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Capture Billing and Consulting, Inc., a leader in the outsourced medical billing services industry, offers one of the most cost effective outsourcing solutions to healthcare professionals available. By eliminating the need of an in-house medical billing staff, Capture Billing’s staff of expert medical billers and certified professional coders help to increase physician reimbursement by improving collection rates and ensuring proper ICD-9 and CPT coding. Practicing physician and CEO, Dr. John D. Farrell, Jr., formed Capture Billing in 2004 as the answer to one of the largest concerns physicians face today, how to receive proper insurance reimbursement for services they provided.


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    “Encryption is the process of transforming information (… with 2 , every C with 3 for example. Most encryption methods are algothrims that accept …

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    My friend who has been working in the office decided to shift her career into Medical billing and coding. Just like Michelle and Katie I too have 10 years experience and encourage especially those stay at home moms to try and get their certificate on Medical Billing and Coding as a career.

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    If a hospital immunizes a new mother with Tdap vaccine, post-partum before discharge, can the hospital bill seperately or is this considered part of the birth DRG?

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      Scott we only do physician billing and don\’t bill for hospitals so I can\’t really comment on hospital billing but I would try to get that paid since Tdap is not typically given. Keep looking for an answer.

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        Medwave Medical Billing & Credentialing

        We stay away from hospital billing as well (even though it’s there, there are too many hoops to jump through) and concentrate on smaller to mid-sized practices. There’s plenty of opportunity there, alone.

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