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Q&A: Am I Just Dealing with a Coding Department that is Ignorant?

Mark asks if his doctor coded his full routine physical exam properly using CPT code 99397, which is not covered by Medicare, or if the doctor should have used the Annual Wellness Visit code, G0438 (or G0439), which is covered by Medicare. What’s the difference? Which code does Medicare pay?

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Q&A: What are the Medicare Annual Exam Codes and Newborn Codes?

Medicare and Newborns Codes cause some Confusion for Medical Practices I received the following questions from Jean so I thought I would answer them here on the medical billing and coding blog in case anyone else could use the information. Q: What is the CPT code for an annual exam for Medicare ….and what are the CPT codes for newborns for the first day, second day and discharge day … ? A: The CPT code for the annual routine physical Continue Reading

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