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What are Health Insurance Exchanges

Health Insurance Exchanges are Here! What is the definition of a Health Insurance Exchange? A Health Insurance Exchange is a set of government-regulated and standardized health care plans from which individuals may purchase health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA also known as Obamacare) is demanding that everyone have health insurance by January 1, 2014. People can start signing up for the Health Insurance Exchanges to get health insurance as of October 1, 2013. Here is the link to the Continue Reading

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Understanding The Affordable Care Act

How Does the ACA Affect You? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be a difficult one to understand. How does it affect you? How will it affect you in the future?  Will it be a benefit for you? This infographic provided by our friends at H&R Block, gives the break down of how these laws could affect you for the next two years.

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Facts and Stats on Health Insurance and Benefits Enrollment

Health Insurance and Benefits Enrollment Health insurance organizations, employers, and eHealth providers are dealing with the struggles of improving benefits education, increasing efficiencies, increasing voluntary benefits enrollment, and meeting mobile demand. The United States spends $361 billion on health care administration, but if the ACA is used properly providers could save around $11 billion a year. Infographic provided by OrtegaAnt  

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High Expectations for Physician-Owned Hospitals

New Regulations for Physician-Owned Hospitals The ACA has a lot of say about physician-owned hospitals. There are new and stricter regulations, and they have having a very large impact on how these types of hospitals operate. Let’s start with some facts about physician-owned hospitals: • The ACA defines a physician-owned hospital as any hospital that has a majority ownership (51% or greater) by physicians or physician investors • There are currently 238 physician-owned hospitals in the US • 5% of Continue Reading

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Essential Health Benefits Under ACA

Affordable Care Act Benefits One of the biggest changes in the ACA is what benefits are required to be covered under all qualified health insurance plans. The list is referred to as the Essential Health Benefits Package, and it can be found in Section 1302 of the ACA. Every qualified health insurance plan has to cover the following 10 items, and can’t deny them to a member based on age, expected lifespan, disability, quality of life, gender, or race. 1. Continue Reading

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New Quality ACA Reporting Standards

Affordable Care Act Updates ACA Reporting Standards One of the major provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) isthe new set of quality ACA reporting standards for all medical facilities. Hospitals, medical centers, outpatient centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, etc. now have to provide yearly reports on their patient outcomes across 44 quality-of-care measurements. These reports used to be voluntary, and technically still are, but refusal to participate in this program could cost a facility their Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements. For Continue Reading

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