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Meaningful Use: Commercial Insurance Companies Adopt Criteria

If Doctors Want to Get Paid They May Have to Buy an EHR I was reading a blog post from John at “EMR and HIPAA” entitled “Commercial Insurance Implementing Meaningful Use” that stated on August 5, 2010, four insurance companies would now include Meaningful Use criteria in their pay for performance (P4P) programs. Meaningful Use is being able to demonstrate the use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) based on the criteria set by the government. Even if you have an Continue Reading

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CONSULTATION BILLING: Report to Provider Requesting Consultation

There are many requirements that must be fulfilled to properly bill for a consultation. One item that CMS and insurance carriers have been loing at is the reports sent to the provider requesting a consult. When sending letters back to a provider who requested a consultation for a patient, make sure that your letter does not use the words referred or referring.  A requirement of a consultation is sending a report back to the requesting provider. Usually reports or letters Continue Reading

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