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HITECH Act and Meaningful Use

My friend, David Lee, over at eRecords puts out a monthly newsletter where he shares the latest news, updates and analyses in the world of the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use. He combs through hundreds of articles and facts and picks out ones he believes to be of  interest and the most relevant to physicians and healthcare professionals. David has made it his mission is to keep everyone informed by arming them with the correct information to meet the meaningful use criteria when implementing their certified electronic health records EHR software. Below you will find excerpts from his newsletter I wanted to share with you.eRecords - Your Guide to Meaninful Use

Interesting Facts and Figures

13 and 25. How many RHIOs can meet the basic criteria for the meaningful use of EHR out of 75.  How many are financially viable.  Speaks volumes on the state of HIE/HIO.  Read the coverage here.

7/3. The last day that Eligible Hospital and CAHs can begin their 90-day reporting period in Fiscal Year 2011 for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program.

$5M. Size of the contracted awarded to two companies during ONC’s launch of the Investing in Innovations Initiative (i2 Initiative).

76%. Percentage of Fortune 50 that are either in health industry or with a health division.  A report from PwC, “The new gold rush:  Prospectors are hoping to mine the opportunities from the health industry”, with rosy outlook.

75 and 10,989,838. How far, in miles, paper patient records were found after a tornado hit a Missouri based hospital and total individuals, so far, affected by data breach according to this government web site. In somewhat related news, a proposed rule was issued (pdf) by HHS Office for Civil Rights on strengthening the accounting of disclosures.

24 and 359. Number of certified complete EHRs on 10/15/2010 and 6/14/2011.

Latest Meaningful News

Health IT Policy Committee endorses the recommendation to delay Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. During the meeting held on June 8, Health IT Policy Committee endorsed the recommendation to the delay of Stage 2 roll out by one year until 2014 for those providers attesting to Stage 1 this year.  As a result, providers will have three years, through 2013, to meet Stage 1 meaningful use requirements.   The primary reason for this delay seems to be centered on the original 2013 timeframe not giving EHR vendors enough time to meet Stage 2 requirements.  Ripple effect of this delay should be wide, affecting ICD 10, ACO program and others.  For a more detailed article, please click here.

First Medicare Incentive Payments Made. On May 19, 2011, CMS issued the first round of payments totaling $75 million to providers under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program.  Also, $83 million dollars has been paid to Medicaid providers under the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.  Of course, the importance of Medicare announcement is that these providers actually met the MU and CQM measure requirements whereas Medicaid payments are under A/I/U.  For the full press release, click here.

CMS has also compiled a consolidated list of Frequently Asked Questions on the EHR Incentive Programs and made that list available through their website. To view this FAQ, click here.

ONC Names Approved Accreditor for EHR Certification Program. ONC has named American National Standard Institute (ANSI) as the ONC-AA (ONC Authorized Accreditor).  This sole accreditor will be tasked with accrediting ONC authorized EHR certification entities.  Current authorized EHR certification entities include Surescripts, ICSA Labs, SLI Global Solutions, InfoGard Laboratories, CCHIT and Drummond Group.  For the full story, please click here.

Lawmakers seek changes to EHR Incentive Payments for multi-campus hospitals. Rep. Michael Burgess is planning to introduce a bill that would require CMS to provide EHR incentive payments to each campus in a multi-campus hospital system.  Under the current regulation, incentive payments are paid according hospitals Medicare provider numbers, not individual campuses.  If this bill is passed, it would have a significant financial benefit to multi-campus hospitals.  For the full article, click here.

Three Regional Extension Centers reach its enrollment goals. Regional extension centers in Maryland, South Carolina and Massachusetts were the first set of Regional Extension Centers to reach their respective enrollment goals.

ONC announces Health Information Technology Professional (HIT Pro) competency examination. It will be interesting to see how well this “certification” will be received by the industry compared to existing certifications and credentials.  HIT Pro exams parallel the “roles” trained under Work Force development program.  The cost of each exam is $299 but qualified candidates can request 1 free voucher.  Find out more at HIT Pro homepage.

eRECORDS was founded with the vision to power innovations in access, efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery through connected technologies and intelligence.  Their Mission is to be the trusted expert, guide and partner in achieving meaningful use. Worry FreeTM Dashboard, eRECORDS’ flagship product, is the leading solution for Meaningful Use administration, planning and performance management.

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