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Medical Office ManagerI run a medical practice for my doctors. My physicians have asked to to find the best medical billing company on the web that will work well with me, my providers and the staff.

We need to be able to trust that they will get the work done, increase our revenue and get our claims paid.


Does that statement describe you and your medical practice?

Is all your searching causing you stress?

Wish you wouldn’t have to worry about it?

There’s a solution, and we can help.

Selecting a Billing Company DownloadNot sure if outsourcing your billing is right for you

Download our report “When & How to Select a Billing Service.”

Our report covers:

   bullet-lightning-icon Why more practices are using billing services

   bullet-lightning-icon One of the most challenging revenue management

   bullet-lightning-icon Questions to ask yourself if it’s time to outsource



What We Do

We do more than just process claims.

We follow up with insurance companies, appealing denials, working rejections, no-pays and slow-pays.

We manage:

  • Patient payment plans
  • Monthly statements
  • Patient calls

Plus, we provide solid insight into your practice’s financial health with our custom monthly reports.



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