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7 Steps for Increasing Patient Engagement

7 Steps to Boost Patient EngagementHow to Boost Patient Engagement

Improving patient engagement is not only one of the primary goals of Meaningful Use Stage 2 but is just good for the patient. If managed well, engagement can lead to better coordination of care, lower costs of care, and ideally, improved patient outcomes.

So when my friends at eVisit, a telemedicine software company, released an infographic about boosting patient engagement, it caught my attention.

Below are the seven steps they recommend to achieve deeper patient engagement, along with survey results showing how today’s patients think and feel.

Can your patients benefit from any of these?

1. Give access to patient medical records online.

Providing online access to patients benefits everyone. Patients who have access to their personal health information tend to take more responsibility for informing health decisions with their physicians.

“Fifty-seven percent of patients say they’d be more engaged in their personal healthcare if they had online access to their medical records.”

Patient Medical Records Online2. Cultivate an email list.

Email lists have been prominent in other industries, but are starting to become more popular in medical practices. Patients, and physicians alike, are seeing the benefits of communication via email. Make sure to use a HIPAA compliant email solution.

“Ninety-three percent of adults would prefer a doctor who offers email communication.”

Cultivate an Email List for Your Patients3. Recommend mHealth apps.

The number of mHealth (mobile health) apps for phones and tablets is growing quickly. In fact, the market is estimated to grow to $26 billion by the end of 2017, partly due to increasing patient demand and the convenience of having a smartphone in your pocket.

“Nine out of ten patients say they would use an app prescribed by their physician.”

Recommend mHealth Apps to Patients4. Offer virtual doctor visits.

Telemedicine has exploded onto the healthcare scene, and by all accounts, it’s not going anywhere. In 2015 alone, there will be approximately 800,000 online consultations. And by 2018, an estimated seven million patients are expected to participate in online telemedicine appointments.

The benefits of telemedicine make this trend one that will only grow more popular. Medical practices need to offer this service to their patients to stay up to date.

“Seventy-five percent of patients who haven’t used telemedicine was interested in doing a virtual visit in place of an in-person one.”

Offer Virtual Office Visits5. Get mobile-compatible.

Everything – and everyone – is mobile these days. It’s become the standard in every industry and is now flowing over into healthcare. Patients have come to expect easy, quick access, and mobile-compatibility can achieve that.

“Sixty-four percent of American adults own a smartphone.”

Get Mobile Compatible6. Build your online presence.

Until now, most physicians have underestimated the power of building an online presence. And when it comes to online reputation, it most definitely matters. A quick Google search can sometimes make all the difference in which physician a patient chooses.

“Sixty-two percent of patients use online review sites to find a new doctor.”

Build Your Online Presence for Your Medical Practice7. Use tech to get seniors engaged too.

When you think of technology, it’s common to think of the younger generations only. But seniors are increasingly seeking out technology that will simplify their lives. Seniors that find it hard to get to their doctor’s office would benefit greatly with online office visits.

“Fifty-seven percent of surveyed seniors wanted to interact with their providers and manage their health online.”
Use Tech to Get Seniors Envolved


Check out the complete infographic at

What are your best tips for boosting patient engagement? Please tell me in the comments below!

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