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How to Bill Chronic Care Management 99490 to Medicare

How to Bill Chronic Care Management 99490Chronic Care Management CPT 99490

As of January 1, 2015, Medicare began reimbursing for Chronic Care Management (CCM) services using CPT Code 99490. This service is for Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions and is non-face-to-face.

The new reimbursements are in line with CMS’ move to focus on higher quality primary care in an effort to reduce spending and improve outcomes.

And while more money for physicians is definitely a plus, there are a lot of ins and outs to actually getting paid for this service. Below, I’ll cover the basics.

Who is Eligible?

Not all patients qualify for CCM services. Those who do must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Patient must have two or more chronic conditions.
  2. Conditions are expected to last at least 12 months or until death of the patient.
  3. Conditions place the patient at significant risk of death, acute exacerbation (i.e. worsening of condition), decompensation (i.e. organ failure), or functional decline.

While CMS does not have a set list of chronic conditions, they do provide a brief summary of conditions that may apply (see below). They also have a databank of chronic conditions that may be a helpful resource for physicians, although this is not an all-inclusive list by any means.

Otherwise, the decision of what classifies as chronic is left up to the treating physician, along with the responsibility of providing detailed supporting chart documentation and an appropriate care plan.

Which Healthcare Practitioners are Eligible?

Physicians, as well as non-physicians, may bill for CCM services:

  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Certified Nurse-Midwives
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists

Clinical staff, working under the general supervision of an eligible practitioner, may also provide the CCM service.

It’s important to note that if two practitioners within a practice – say a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner – both provide CCM for the same patient, only one may bill for the code in any given month.

Patient Agreement and Consent

Medicare wants to make sure patients understand prospective medical services as well as the financial implications, prior to receiving treatment. With CCM, this is no different and is carried out via specific patient agreement requirements.

The patient agreement is similar to an advanced beneficiary notice, or ABN, and must be completed prior to the start of services.

CMS does not provide a standard form for this. Instead, each physician creates their own agreement, but at a minimum, it should:

  • Inform the patient of CCM availability, and obtain written authorization for services. Authorization for the electronic communication of medical information should also be obtained.
  • Explain the services as well as possible cost-sharing expenses. This discussion should be documented in the patient’s medical record, along with their decision to accept or decline the service.
  • Explain how to revoke services. Generally, patients have the right to discontinue CCM services at any time by revoking the agreement, effective at the end of the current calendar month.
  • Inform the patient of CCM billing limitations. The patient should understand that only one practitioner per calendar month may be reimbursed for the service.

The key here is to have everything clearly documented in the patient’s medical record, and ideally, within the patient agreement. Consents, revocations, and any changes in CCM services must be documented.

Download our sample agreement below:

Download Sample CCM Patient Agreement

Scope of Services

The scope of services for CCM is quite detailed, but in general, there are eight elements that must be satisfied:

  1. Access to care management services 24/7.
  2. Continuity of care.
  3. Care management for chronic conditions, including medication management and assessment of the patient’s medical, functional, and psychosocial needs.
  4. Creation of a patient-centered care plan, with a written or electronic copy provided to the patient.
  5. Management of care transitions, such as referrals or follow-up care after a hospital or SNF discharge. This includes the transitional care management code. Clinical summaries must be transmitted electronically, not faxed, to other providers. A PDF via a secured email should be sufficient.
  6. Coordination with home- and community-based clinical service providers, such as hospice.
  7. Multiple ways for patients and/or caregivers to contact providers, including via phone, the patient portal, or by email.
  8. Electronic capture and sharing of care plan information. Providers must use a certified EHR, and the patient’s records are to be available 24/7 to all providers within the practice who may provide CCM services. Providers outside the practice should be sent pertinent medical information electronically as well.

How do I get paid? What is the coding & billing process?

Detailed documentation has always been important for coding and billing, but it’s critical if you want to obtain CCM reimbursement.

You must:

  • A document that clinical staff spent 20 minutes of non-face-to-face time in a given month.
  • Record the date, time spent, name of the provider, and the services provided.
  • Bill Medicare using CPT code 99490. This should be billed only once per month per participating patient.
  • In addition to billing 99490, the CPT codes for the chronic conditions should also be included.

The non-face-to-face time should never be rounded up. Documentation should note the time spent in total minutes. For example, clinical staff would document four minutes and not 10:04 to 10:08.

Also, be mindful of not falling into recording the same number of minutes every time. While it may be easier to document in 5-minute intervals, precision and accuracy is crucial. Every service recorded as 5 minutes is not realistic. In the event of an audit, this type of documentation would not be favorable.  Record the actual time spent.

CPT Code 99490 is subject to cost-sharing, including the patient’s deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance. That should be clearly explained in the patient consent as well.

Some medical practices have found that the creation of an internal log may be helpful in tracking the time spent with CCM patients.

Download our sample log below:

Download Sample Medicare Chronic Care Management Services Log

How much does Medicare pay for 99490 Chronic Care Management?

The average expected reimbursement for code 99490 is $42, depending on locality. While that number may initially seem small given the amount of documentation needed, it can have a dramatic impact on a practice’s revenues.

If just 50 patients utilize the CCM services, that will generate an additional $2,000+ per month. Or better yet, $24,000+ over the course of the year.


Medicare Learning Network – Chronic Care Management Services


What date of service should be used?

Some carriers want just the last day of the month noted. Others want the entire date range of the month included. Example: September 1st through September 30th.

Be sure to check with each carrier regarding their preference.

Can 99490 be billed for inpatients?

Possibly. The place of residence could be an assisted living or nursing home facility. You will need to find out how the patient is registered. If Part A is being received by the facility, then you cannot bill CCM services. You should instead use codes such as 99307, 99308, and other home health certification codes.

Will commercial carriers pay for this code?

Check with your local carriers. They may or may not. It’s possible they may pay in the future too as CCM gains traction.

Do Medicare Advantage plans pay for 99490?

At a minimum, provide them with what is required by Medicare. They should pay unless they are a capitated Advantage plan. Although, some Advantage plans do offer and go beyond the minimum requirements of Medicare.

Does patient consent have to be obtained each month?

Informed patient consent only needs to be obtained once, prior to providing the first CCM service. However, if the patient changes providers and the new provider will bill for CCM, then the patient must sign a new consent with that provider.

Is an annual wellness visit (AWV) or “Welcome to Medicare Visit” required before CCM services can be billed?

Yes. CMS requires an AWV, welcome visit, OR comprehensive E/M before CCM services can be billed.

Are there any codes that cannot be billed in the same month as 99490?

Yes. Those codes include:

  • Transition Care Management – 99495, 99496
  • Home Healthcare Supervision – HCPCS G0181
  • Hospice Care Supervision – HCPCS G9182
  • Certain ESRD Services – CPT 90951-90970

Do you understand CCM now?

Hopefully, this information helps you understand the basics of billing Chronic Care Management. As always, make sure to check with your local Medicare carrier and other insurance companies on their rules and policies on how to bill for CCM.

Additionally, there are Chronic Care Management software companies that can help you meet the documentation requirements.

Have you had any issues billing for chronic care management? Please share with me in the comments below.

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  2. blank

    I am getting a couple of denials on CCM 99490 for place of service. Office #11 sent. Is this incorrect? It seems to work most times.

  3. blank

    Does any Medicare Advantage plans cover 99490? I am a Chronic Care Manager and the Advantage plans will not state whether the code is covered, I enroll patients with the qualifying dx but fear they will still be billed. Any tips on how to see if the insurance will cover 99490? Without calling the insurance or doing a test claim…thanks!

    1. blank

      As far as I know, Medicare Advantage plans should cover 99490. Of course, all care coordination activities must be documented and once the 20 minutes is complete for the month, you can bill the code. It should pay about $42.

  4. blank

    Can the provider routinely write-off the patient portion for the CCM phone calls. In other words, can they just accept medicare’s payment & never bill any of their patients for the patients portion?

    1. blank

      Linda my understanding is that Practices need to make a good faith effort to collect any monies that Medicare says are due from the patient. I heard from a lawyer that this means sending three patient statements, calls don’t count, before the balance can be written off to bad debt. Please consult with your attorney on what is appropriate as I am not an attorney or even play one on TV.

  5. blank

    UHC MR Adv will pay 99490 the first time and then after g9007/98967 with pos 2 which we made a modifier MV to tag the charge as an POS #2

  6. blank

    Billing CM when patient is in the hospital- does pos need to change for my CM charges? It is coming back with: PROC CODEBILL TYPE INCONSISTENT W/POS

  7. blank

    We have been billing for CCM for about 2 months now and yesterday I received back from UHC Medicare Adv. that they would noy pay out for establishing a careplan and for an extra 20mins with patient. I used CPT codes G0506 and 99490. My return remarks was a N122 code. Do these plans only allow the CPT code 99490? Is there a different code I should be using for CCM careplan established ?

  8. blank

    Does the 99490 need to be blled with a modifier? ” N701-PYMT ADJUSTED BASED/MODIFIER” this is the code given in response.

  9. blank

    Is mail contact only acceptable as a method of CCM? It does not seem that this would be the most effective method of working with frail elderly members with multiple chronic conditions

  10. blank

    if a patient has a visit on 4/29/19 and ccm date of service is 4/30/19 can that ccm be pushed out to the next month

  11. blank

    We are having issues getting Medicare to pay for CCM. All claims are denied for M52 and or MA130. We changed DOS to cover the whole month and still they are denied. I have contacted Palmetto and CMS without any luck.

  12. blank
    Dorothy Nelson RN

    Can the time used by the PCP and medical staff to e-prescribe medication refills be counted in CCM minutes?
    How should the PCP document the time used for downloading OARRS report and review /e-prescribing of controlled substances for CCM? The PCP states that his e-prescribing process for controlled substances is very time consuming. Is this time justified for CCM billing?

  13. blank

    Is it Tricare covered CCM service since we have lot of denial received from Secondary Tricare as “Non covered under patient plan” even paid by primary Medicare.

  14. blank

    Our physician practice that is providing CCM services is owned by the local acute care hospital. WE are trying to bill the 99490 service on a UB under the OPPS fee schedule, as the staff performing the service are hospital contracted staff. Medicare (Novitas) is rejecting the claim stating the revenue code 500 (OP Hospital Department) is not appropriate with 99490. We are trying to find out what revenue code to use for CCM service billing.

  15. blank

    Is there a specific fee code for the facility fee associated with CCM for care coordination provided in a provider based clinic? I thought the new G0463 would apply, but it appears that is just for new and established office visits of any level.

  16. blank

    We are having denials for POS on the CCM code 99490, we’re using POS 33 due to patient in a skilled Nursing facility or assisted living facility. Denial states incorrect POS, Should we be using POS 11 for office setting since its a non face to face, even though medicare states the POS needs to be where a practioner would do a face to face, ie. the patiens Skilled or AL ?

  17. blank

    I am following with a insurance lately and they are denying all the claims billed with CPT-99490 they are stating the cpt cannot be paid separately but when i am asking me to give any further detail they don’t have any info about why exactly is it getting denied, some rep’s are saying it is as per Medicare guidelines as the insurance is an HMO and 1 rep said that only out of network provider’s can bill this but not In-network provider’s,. please can you resolve my issue

  18. blank

    What qualifies as a Comprehensive E/M code? For example, would it need to be 99215? Or could it also be a lower level E/M, such as 99213? thank you

    1. blank

      Based on the CPT definition there are three codes that include a comprehensive history and examination. They are 99204, 99205 and 99215.

  19. blank

    Who is considered “clinical staff” when making the calls to the patients? Can just any staff member make the 20 minute call or do they need to be RN’s? Thanks Lori

    1. blank

      I got this direct from a Q&A at CMS. Hope it helps.

      “In most cases, we believe clinical staff will provide CCM services incident to the services of the billing physician (or other appropriate practitioner who can be a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist or certified nurse midwife). Practitioners should consult the CPT definition of the term “clinical staff.” In addition, time spent by clinical staff may only be counted if Medicare’s “incident to” rules are met such as supervision, applicable State law, licensure and scope of practice. If the billing physician (or other appropriate billing practitioner) provides CCM services directly, that time counts towards the 20 minute minimum time. Of course, other staff may help facilitate CCM services, but only time spent by clinical staff may be counted towards the 20 minute minimum time.”

  20. blank

    We have billed for 8 patients and all 8 have been denied says patient is not eligible. I’m not sure what the billing department is doing wrong? I hope someone has information to assist.

  21. blank

    Hello Manny, thank you for the information on how to bill CPT 99490. I have a question regarding the following statement from your post, “In addition to billing 99490, the CPT codes for the chronic conditions should also be included.”

    Which chronic conditions need to be listed? Over the course of the calendar month, many different CCM services are provided to the patient by multiple individuals. Each service could be treating a different chronic condition. Which chronic conditions need to be listed on the Medicare invoice? It becomes very difficult to document all the exact chronic conditions that were addressed by non-face-to-face services. Do you think it is acceptable to list as many of the patient’s chronic conditions as possible on the Medicare invoice, instead of always tying each activity to a chronic condition and ensuring those are the conditions listed in the Medicare invoice?

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