What is the Meaningful Use Criteria?

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Meaningful Use: Core and Menu Sets

Meaningful Use CriteriaThe criteria for Meaningful Use is detailed in a list of 25 requirements issued by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) which is part of the Department Health & Human Services.  The criteria is broken down into two sets of objectives and measures; A Core Set and a Menu Set. In the core set, there are 15 objectives that each provider must comply with. In the Menu set,  providers are free to choose 5  items from among a menu of 10 to implement. This brings the total to 20 objectives that must be met to demonstrate meaningful use of your certified electronic health record EHR. Fail to meet even one, and you may not qualify for the incentives.


Implement Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interation Checks
Problem Lists
Medication List
Medication Allergy List
Vital Signs
Smoking Status
Clinical Decision Support
Calculate and Transmit CMS Quality Measures
Electronic Copy of Health Information
Electronic Copy of Discharge Health Information
Clinical Summaries
Exchange Key Clinical Information


Implement Drug-Formulary Checks
Advanced Directives
Lab Results into EHR
Patient Lists
Patient Reminders
Timely Electronic Access to Health Information
Patient Specific Education
Medication Reconciliation
Summary of Care
Immunization Registries
Submit Lab Results to Public Health Agencies
Syndromic Surveillance

7 Responses to “What is the Meaningful Use Criteria?”

  1. Hello Manny,
    I’m a radiologist in a large San Diego-based practice currently providing physician services at a healthcare organization owned and operated outpatient imaging center. Am I eligible for a physician incentive payment under EHR meaningful use criteria if the facility bills globally as opposed to splitting out the professional and technical components?

    • Tom —

      Thanks for your question but I think my buddy Jonathan over at BEI could answer your question better than I can. Just tell him “Manny sent you.”

      Here is his contact information:

      Jonathan Krasner

      BEI (Business Engineering, Inc.)
      11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 202
      Reston, VA 20191 USA



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