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Medical Billing and Facebook : A Prescription for Success

Facebook and Healthcare a Good Combination

Medical Billing Company and FacebookCapture Billing has setup a Facebook Fan Page to help medical practices come together, ask questions, and help each other. Over the past decade or so, healthcare has become a highly regulated field. There is a maze of Medicare and Medicaid regulations along with patient privacy laws that must be followed.  Don’t adhere to them and risk allegations of fraud, civil penalties, and possibly even jail time.  Now add Healthcare reform to the mix with all its new regulations, most of which are still being figured out, and you can begin to imagine how confusing and frustrating it is for your local medical practice and physicians to make sense of it all.

“We just started but already have hundreds of physicians, medical office managers, practice administrators, nurses and other healthcare providers on our Facebook Fan Page that have become our friends”, states Manny Oliverez, Director of Operations at Capture Billing. “People are looking for answers to their medical billing issues.”

Capture Billing hopes to facilitate the conversation on its Facebook page for such topics as healthcare reform, medical billing and coding, the difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding, electronic health records, dealing with health insurance companies, practice management, patient billing and more.

Join the medical billing conversation at Capture’s Medical Billing Fan Page on Facebook.

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    Medwave Billing & Credentialing

    Yes, but unfortunately it’s a pay-to-play environment now at Facebook. Previously, organic post would do fairly well. Advertising is where it’s at now and I have been using Facebook’s Power Editor with success for some time. You can target your audience with quite a bit of precision and I’ve heard that they have more data on people that Google. I could be wrong there. Regardless, the reach you get with Facebook advertising is tremendous, it’s far cheaper than most platforms.


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