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Medical Billing Company Expands Their Pediatric Medical Billing Division

Pediatric Medical Billing Services Division Expansion by Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc.

Capture Billing Pediatric Medical Billing ServicesLoudoun County, VA – Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc., a medical billing company located in South Riding, Virginia, is pleased to announce the expansion of their Pediatric Medical Billing Division.

Over seven years ago Capture Medical Billing was formed when Dr. John Farrell and his Pediatric Medical office began thriving.  The quick growth of his Medical Practice left him with the challenging task of submitting medical claims to various insurance companies and ensuring the pediatric medical billing process and reimbursement rates were correct and completed in a timely manner.  This medical billing process required an infinite amount of time and resources.

As a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and now CEO of Capture Billing, Manny Oliverez was able to assist Dr. Farrell in collecting his revenue from the insurance companies.

In 2004, based on Dr. Farrell’s success, another pediatric medical practice that had problems paying their bills and meeting payroll contacted Capture Billing for help.  Capture, using the medical pediatric billing methods and business practices it had developed, applied the methodology to their practice, and took over their medical billing.  Within six months Capture was successful in turning them around and the practice became financially stable enough to hire a new doctor and expand their business.

There are several unique situations in Medical Billing for Pediatrics.  When submitting claims patient eligibility needs to be verified as well as who is financially responsible if the patient’s parents are divorced; some patients even have dual coverage.  These events require a knowledgeable and experienced medical biller to manage.  Other types of billing challenges, similar to the ones listed above have compelled Manny to add new members to his Pediatric Billing Services team.

“We have noticed an increase in the special circumstances that surround Pediatric billing so to ensure our clients are receiving their maximum revenue for the services they provide we have expanded our medical billing team, says Manny Oliverez.”

Capture wants to ensure the Pediatric practices receive revenue for all of the services that they provide, which will help their practices to continue to thrive.

For more information on Capture Billing, its new division and its medical billing and coding blog please visit:

Capture Billing and Consulting, Inc., a leader in the outsourced medical billing services industry, offers one of the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions to healthcare professionals available. By eliminating the need of in-house medical billing staff, Capture Billing’s staff of expert medical billers and certified professional coders help to increase physician reimbursement by improving collection rates and ensuring proper ICD-9 and CPT coding. Practicing physician and CEO, Dr. John D. Farrell, Jr., formed Capture Billing in 2004 as the answer to one of the largest concerns physicians face today, how to receive proper insurance reimbursement for services they provided.

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