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Medical Billing Software for Macs

Medical Billing Software for Mac | 2011 Guide to Mac Medical Billing Systems

Mac Keyboard for Medical Billing Software AdviceAnother piece from Software Advice caught my attention, and I wanted to share it with you because I thought you might find it useful. This one’s on medical billing software – but there’s a twist. Katie Matlack, the blogger covering medical software for Software Advice, noted that with the rise in popularity of iPhones and iPads,
many doctors are looking for the same simplicity and convenience in the products they use at work.

She also made the point that one area in which doctors are always looking to improve is in medical billing, and from there went on to discuss options that folks with Mac systems have when it comes to medical billing software.

There are several things to keep in mind when you are exploring Mac-compatible medical billing software.

● Can the software support a practice of your size?

● Is your software is appropriate for the specialty your practice serves?

● Do you want to purchase a web-based solution (also known as a hosted or software-as-a-service option – or a traditional Mac-based software system that’s installed on-site at your office)?

That last point can often make people take a step back and wonder what the difference between web-based solutions and native-based solutions and fortunately, Katie talks about the differences in her post, pointing out that web-based solutions are the norm for Mac users in the medical world because the vast majority of medical practices are still PC based (and so there are very few software solutions built specifically for the Mac).

However, she also makes the point that, for offices that run entirely on Apple computers and are looking for a consistent Apple OS look and feel, finding a native Mac solution (such as MacPractice MD) can be the preferred choice.

Katie includes a list of medical billing software options, covering both native Mac solutions as well as web-based ones. Head on over to her blog post for a more detailed discussion of how to choose the right medical billing software for your Mac-based office.

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