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Choose Your EHR Wisely: 5 Non-Technical Questions to Ask Your Vendor Now

Asking the Right Questions Make a Big Difference in Selecting an EHR When choosing an Electronic Health Record (EHR), my client practices often come to me asking what they should take into consideration . Of course you should pay attention to whether the system has features to support your specialty (or has the flexibility to let you custom-add those features yourself). And of course you should ask whether the product would put you in position to qualify for Meaningful Use. Continue Reading

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Looking for the Meaning of Meaningful Use

What is Meaningful Use? Confused about the “meaningful use” component of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s stimulus program? Well, no wonder. The definition is still in development, even though incentive payments are supposed to begin as early as October 2010 for hospitals. Payments to other “eligible professionals who are meaningful EHR users” are scheduled to begin in January, 2011. To back it up a bit, for those who haven’t had time to scour the scads of government documents, in Continue Reading

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HIPAA Privacy and Security Changes in the HITECH Act

HIPAA and HITECH Act: What You Need to Know I was talking to Jonathan Krasner from Business Engineering, Inc (BEI) this past week about HIPAA and the need to make sure that we are doing everything possible to safeguard our clients’ information, especially through data encryption.  The following is an article from BEI that Jonathan sent me. I would like to pass it along to all of you because it has a lot of great information. HITECH Act: Suggested IT Policies & Continue Reading

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