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Cardiology Coding Got You Down? Use These 5 Tips For Success!

We discuss 5 challenges to proper documentation and coding in a cardiology practice. These challenges include human errors, lack of knowledge regarding current coding and documentation standards, working and charting in multiple care environments, and/or not coding to the highest degree of specificity.

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Medicare Modifiers XE, XP, XS, XU: Examples of When to Bill Each One

January 1, 2015, CMS will officially roll out four new HCPCS modifiers that can be used when billing Medicare claims. Dubbed the –X{EPSU} subset, they may or may not be used instead of modifier 59. This post has a few examples of when you might use each of these new modifiers. Leave a comment on how your office uses the new modifiers.

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Yet Another Medicare Influenza Vaccine Q Code: Q2034 Agriflu

Medicare Flu Shot Code Q2034 In 2012 Medicare came out with another code Q code for billing the influenza vaccine. The code is Q2034 for the flu vaccine under the brand name Agriflu. The effective date of the new code is for claims with the date of service on or after July 1, 2012. Annual Part B deductibles and coinsurance amounts do not apply. All providers who give the influenza vaccination must accept assignment for this vaccine claim per CMS. The Continue Reading

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Medicare Billing for a Well Woman – G0101, Q0091, G0438, G0439, 99387 & 99397

Medicare Billing for Well Woman Exam Using Codes G0101 and Q0091 and Annual Wellness Visits AWV G0438 and G0439 As we are all aware, Medicare now allows for the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) G0438 or subsequent AWV G0439, but how does this relate to an annual Well Woman Exam?  IT DOESN’T. An annual Well Woman Exam is a completely separate evaluation and management service from an AWV, and unless the provider specifically evaluates a patient for both the AWV and Continue Reading

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Medicare Eliminates Consultation Codes

Medical Billing Video Helps explain the New Way to Code Consultations Specialty physicians code lots of consultations  but as of January 1, 2010 Medicare is eliminating all inpatient and outpatient consultation codes. This will make medical billing for consults complicated. So how are physicians suppose to bill for their services and get paid?  Lets take a lo at how by playing the video.      

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