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The HITECH Act and 300 BAUD Modems

Anyone Can Access Your Computer

old computerI remember back in 1984 when I got my first modem for my computer. It was a 300 BAUD modem. In today’s terms, think 186 times slower than dial-up. But WOW it opened up the world. No longer was my IBM compatible confined to my desk. My computer could now go anywhere in the world. Of course, there weren’t too many anywhere to go.

Now I can access almost any computer on the planet. Well, you know what? Anyone on the planet can also access your PC now too. This is why the Federal government has come up with HIPAA, Red Flag Rules, and the HITECH Act for healthcare providers so they will secure patients’ data, both physically and technically. There are penalties ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 per breach of patient data, even if it was unintentional or just an accidental discloser. It doesn’t matter to the feds or the trial lawyers.

From what I hear in my dealings with medical practices, most are not aware of the compliance requirements and their computer systems are vulnerable. Hopefully, within the next year, the word gets out more and medical practices really start to take computer security seriously.

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