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Top 5 Resources for Billing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits G0438

Guide on How to Bill G0438 and G0439

Medicare AWV G0438 and G0439 Resource Billing GuideHave you been struggling billing Annual Wellness Visits? Having trouble finding the right information online all in one place?

There is a lot of confusion out there on how to properly bill Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) G0438 and G0439. We get
a lot of questions from other practices on how to bill the AWV and what is included.

Some practices are performing a full routine physical exam, which is not an Annual Wellness Visit. Others do not know what questions they must ask or the documentation requirements in order to even be able to bill a G0438 or G0439. If there is an audit, you may have to pay back thousands of dollars to Medicare.

So, to train our billers and help us advise the medical practices we service, we have come up with a list of resources from Medicare that we use internally at our billing company.

Annual Wellness Visit Resource Guide G0438 G0439 MedicareThis list includes:

    1. A Quick Reference Information Sheets on the AWV
    2. Another Quick Reference on Preventative Services
    3. Booklet on Providing the AWV
    4. Annual Wellness Visit and the PPPS
    5. and a 298 page Booklet on Preventative Services

We want to share our list of the Top 5 Medicare Resources for Billing Annual Wellness Visits we use to bill the AWV with you. Just click the button below and give us your email to get your copy.

Annual Wellness Visit Resource Guide

Do you know what separates great medical billers and coders from the pack? Great information.

Be a great Medical Biller!

If you still need help, you can always hire us to handle all your medical billing needs. Disclaimer


Do you have other resources you use? Having issues with billing AWVs properly? Let me know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Resources for Billing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits G0438”

  1. blank

    For our 2016 claims, Medicare is no longer paying for an E/M code (with mod 25) and an AWV at the same time. Do you have any insight into this? They’ve always paid both on the same day. Thank you.

  2. blank


    I read your blog responses but I am still not sure:
    I have several patients who are new to my practice but not new to medicare.

    If they are NEW TO ME do I by default bill a G0438 or do I need to find out if they have already had their once in a lifetime G0438 and then make the decision to bill G0438 or g0439?

  3. blank

    Hi Manny,

    Do you have any guidelines/policies in writing on how to bill for consultation to workers comp carriers? Can the case manager act as the ‘referring dr?’

    Any of your inputs is highly appreciated.



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