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Medicare Billing Tips

Resources for your medical practice and billing department to stay updated on the constantly changing codes and guidelines in healthcare.

Doctor discussing the Well Woman Exam with their patient

Medicare Billing for a Well Woman – G0101, Q0091, G0438, G0439, 99387 & 99397

Medicare Billing for Well Woman Exam Using Codes G0101 and Q0091 and Annual Wellness Visits AWV G0438 and G0439 As we are all aware, Medicare now allows for the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) G0438 or subsequent AWV G0439, but how does this relate to an annual Well Woman Exam?  IT DOESN’T. An annual Well Woman …

Medicare Billing for a Well Woman – G0101, Q0091, G0438, G0439, 99387 & 99397 Read More »

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Doctor and Patient during an Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare G0438 – G0439: Two Annual Wellness Visit Codes

Medicare provides coverage for Annual Wellness Visits. This benefit was included in the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Medicare has come up with two HCPCS codes for these well visits for medical billing purposes. The codes are G0438 and G0439.

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Medicare Codes for Flu Shots: Q2034, Q2035, Q2036, Q2037, Q2038

Do you know the codes to bill Flu Shots? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) no longer recognizes and does not reimburse CPT Code 90658 Influenza Virus Vaccine, Split Virus for flu shots. We will provide you with Medicares influenza vaccine Q codes! Learn more about how to differentiate these codes and how the fee schedule!

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Insurance Claims

Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN): A Quick How-To

An Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is a Medicare waiver of liability that providers are required to give a Medicare patient for services provided that may not be covered. In this article, we explain the importance of ABN, how it protects your patients, when do they not apply, proper completion, and modifiers required when billing.

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