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Comparing Patients of Healthcare Providers to Retail Customers

Customer Experiences with your Healthcare Provider When a patient comes into a healthcare provider’s office they have high expectations.  Price is not their number one factor, only 8% of people say healthcare costs matters than personal experience. A patient will than likely recommend their healthcare provider if their personal experience in the office is above satisfactory. The smallest courtesy of handing a patient a ed summary of their visit as they leave has 88% of patients saying they will Continue Reading

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ICD-10 is Coming. Will Your Medical Billing Department Be Ready?

Number of Diganosis Codes to Skyrocket from 14,000 to over 69,000 under ICD-10 The new ICD-10 diagnosis codes take effect on October 1, 2015, and all healthcare providers are required to comply with the new regulations or they may have trouble with insurance reimbursement. These changes in the medical billing practices are significant enough to have caused marked slowdowns in billing and payment in other countries. So what can a healthcare provider expect when their office phases out ICD-9 and Continue Reading

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The HITECH Act and 300 BAUD Modems

Anyone Can Access Your Computer I remember back in 1984 when I got my first modem for my computer. It was a 300 BAUD modem. In today’s terms, think 186 times slower than dial-up. But WOW it opened up the world. No longer was my IBM compatible confined to my desk. My computer could now go anywhere in the world. Of course, there weren’t too many anywheres to go. Now I can access almost any computer on the planet. Well, Continue Reading

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Medical Billing and Facebook : A Prescription for Success

and Healthcare a Good Combination Capture Billing has setup a Fan Page to help medical practices come together, ask questions and help each other. Over the past decade or so, healthcare has become a highly regulated field. There is a maze of Medicare and Medicaid regulations along with patient privacy laws that must be followed.  Don’t adhere to them and risk allegations of fraud, civil penalties and possibly even jail time.  Now add Healthcare reform to the Continue Reading

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Capture Billing Now Podcasts on iTunes with its Medical Billing Minute

We are excited to have our Medical Billing Minute as a podcast on iTunes.  We are hoping people will be able to access our videos that contain tips on medical billing and practice management.  Through our videos we hope to educate physicians, healthcare mangers and medical billers on various topics that are relevant and help healthcare providers run their medical practices’ efficiently. To to our podcast and have it downloaded automatically to your PC or phone, just Continue Reading

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Medicare Eliminates Consultation Codes for Doctors

Now that Physicians cannot bill Medicare for consultations how will they get paid for patient care? Capture’s medical billing video explains how in easy to understand terms. Washington, DC (Vocus) – December 15, 2009 On January 1, 2010 Medicare will eliminate consultation codes. These codes are what healthcare providers submit to Medicare for reimbursement when a patient is seen for a medical consultation, whether in a provider’s office or hospital setting. Healthcare providers, coders and medical billers will have to Continue Reading

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Capture Billing Poised to Help Physician Offices Implement ICD-10 Coding

Capture Billing & Consulting, an Outsource Medical Billing Company, takes on the burden of complex healthcare regulations and the costs of implementing ICD-10 to keep Medical Practices in compliance. (Washington, D.C.) June 4, 2009 – With the implementation of The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services new greatly expanded ICD-10 code set slated for mandatory compliance by Oct. 1, 2013, Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc. has begun training and establishing systems to help its physician clients with this difficult Continue Reading

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