How to Grow Your Medical Practice

How Marketing Software Can Boost Your On Reputation and Attract New Patients My friend Michele started working for a healthcare marketing company, PatientPop. PatientPop helps medical practices bring in patients and manage what patients are saying about your practice on. Sounded interesting to me since doctors are always complaining about what patients say about them on the internet. Also marketing your practice on the web is a great way to bring in new patients. I asked Michele if she Continue Reading

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The 12 Claims of Christmas (Part 4)

I’m so excited to be writing part 4 of this fun Christmas series today! So far, we’ve covered mishaps and the codes that go along with them for almost every injury you could incur this time of year.  The key word here is almost. Christmas morning has finally arrived! You’re curled up on the couch in your favorite plush robe drinking hot cocoa while watching the kiddos dive under the tree. Little do you know that the bliss you’re currently Continue Reading

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The 12 Claims of Christmas (Part 3)

We’re back today with part 3 of the “12 Claims of Christmas” series to see what kind of other shenanigans the great folks out there have gotten themselves into this time of year. But first let’s talk about the man they’re calling the “Criminal Santa.” Have you guys heard about this? A man in California was attempting to rob a business and thought the chimney was his best way in. He got stuck and had to call 911 to rescue Continue Reading

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The 12 Claims of Christmas (Part 2)

Thanks for joining us for part 2 of our “12 Claims of Christmas” series! Last week we covered the nasty side effects of Jack Frost, the repercussions of watching too many Christmas movies, and the self-inflicted violence that can occur while trying to deck the halls. This week we’re going to cover three injuries, but before we get to that I have a story for you. It was unpleasant for me, but it’s sure to be funny for you. Continue Reading

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The 12 Claims of Christmas (Part 1)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! The Christmas season is here and it’s time for all the magical things we lo forward to all year long. Christmas music, baking coies with children and grandchildren, loing at lights, visiting Santa, shopping til’ we drop, and eating until we can’t eat any! Oh yeah, and getting hurt. Lots of people getting hurt. The holidays are glorious for the most part, but then there’s the not so glorious parts. Like Continue Reading

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How To Improve Patient Safety – Infographic

In its original form, the Hippocratic Oath included the promise that the physician would “abstain from doing harm.” Unfortunately, however, the potential for human error is always present. In the modern healthcare environment, practitioners are called upon to make split-second decisions in which life and death hang in the balance. The lack of vital information at the crucial moment can result in potentially fatal mistakes being made. In fact, a recent study found that medical mistakes may be one of Continue Reading

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How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance with Cloud Faxing

A recent study found that 25% of healthcare organizations don’t encrypt their patient’s data in the cloud. Fa remains one of the key communication mediums for healthcare organizations because it’s legally binding and reliable. With so many faxes coming and going, cloud fa shines with its ability to trace and track faxes including automatic notifications of receipt, re-sending of faxes and automatic archiving.

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There’s Nothing Funny About the Flu! (Except These Stories)

Feeling like you were hit by a truck, fever, sore throat, nausea, and a nose that runs like a river are only a few of the not-so-ly symptoms that can come along with playing hostess to this nasty virus. In fact, the CDC reported 56,000 influenza-associated deaths in 2012-2013 alone. The flu should be taken very seriously and there’s certainly nothing funny about it! Well, except these stories…

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Medical Software Must-Haves Based on Practice Life Cycle

With an abundance of medical software now available, choosing the right one for your practice can seem nearly impossible. From billing software to patient portals and electronic health records (EHRs), there are hundreds of options, price points, and features to consider. Thankfully, the team over at Software Advice have been busy collecting and analyzing data on this topic and have pulled it all together in their Medical Software Needs Cycle Guide.

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