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Online Review Sites: A Guide to Creating Compelling Physician and Medical Practice Profiles

A recent survey found that 84 percent of patients use on reviews to evaluate physicians. Doctors need to create on profiles that rise above the rest. Here are some tips to customize your profiles to get patients coming to your practice.

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Don’t Just Look at Your Online Patient Reviews, Find Ways to Get More of Them [Infographic]

Doctors and practice managers know that their patients are on and that reviews can affect the business. Afterall, 85% of doctors say that they proactively check on reviews about themselves. That’s great but, you need to go one step further. The most important thing about on reviews isn’t mitigating the bad ones, it’s solicitation.

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Infographic: The Rise of High Deductible Health Plans

High Deductible Health Plans HDHP – This Infographic shows how these plans affect both patients and physicians. With minimum 2015 deductibles starting at $1,300 for single plans and $2,600 for family plans, patients are struggling to come up with cash for medical expenses. Are you affected?

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